Members Advisory Committee (MAC)

The Members Advisory Committee (MAC) consists of WI Advisers and the Board of Trustee Officers. Advisers are trained and appointed by the NFWI, with each Adviser responsible for a cluster of Wis. The Advisers work as a team to help and support each other, sharing ideas and best practice.  Advisers are always available to Wis and members, to help with the smooth running of meetings, giving advice to committees and officers, organising workshops or one to ones and ensuring members know what is available to them from across the organisation. WI Advisers are always looking for ways to promote and grow membership either by opening new Wis or increasing member numbers of existing Wis. In summing up an Adviser is  a listening ear, a signpost to information, an ideas bank and a way of connecting with the wider WI.

Members and roles

Maggie Glavin - Chair of MAC and a Board of Trustee

Sue Beavan - Adviser and Vice Chair of MAC

Brenda Dyer - Adviser and Vice Chair of MAC

Julie Higgins - Federation Chair and Adviser

Jill Newell - Adviser

Angela Green - Adviser

Janet Brown - Adviser and Board of Trustee

MAC usually meets on the last Wednesday of the month either at Park Farm or on Zoom

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MAC Memo No.4
MAC Memo No.3
MAC Memo No.2
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